Come get to know us!

There are lots of cool ways to get connected with the community. You can join us by visiting our live chatroom, using TeamSpeak, or using other community-geared resources. We hope to see you soon!

IRC Chatroom

We have started an IRC server to get people talking. To get started, you can join immediately from your browser using our Web Client. If you have your own IRC Client, you may join us at our server address "" in channel "#ChillSpot".

If you do not yet have a stand-alone IRC Client, but want to get one, we have looked for good clients on different platforms:

  • Android

    - AndChat
  • iOS

    - Open to community recommendations.
  • Linux

    - XChat
  • Mac

    - Open to community recommendations.
  • Windows

    - mIRC
  • All PC platforms

    - Quassel IRC

Please note that these are suggestions from our members on different platforms. We recommend that you always check your market for the client that best suits you.

TeamSpeak 3

Want to get rid of that feeling that everyone is just a collection of pixels on a screen? TeamSpeak is PERFECT for this! Download it and let's talk! Download Teamspeak

Once you have TeamSpeak3, you can visit us by putting this address into the client:

We hope to hear from you soon!


Keep in touch with the latest news and chat with ChillSpot on Facebook! This is a group that anyone can join!