Donations and VIP

Hello, my name is Drifter, and I am the owner of ChillCraft. For over two years we have been dedicated to providing our players with lots of different ways to play Minecraft. As chillcraft grows, we are beginning to be able to offer even more options, as we begin our journey into being a multi-server community.

However, the truth is that providing this level of quality content requires us to rent a professional server, which costs money. Over the years, the server has been kept alive by generous donations from players like you. We ask that you continue to support us with donations, and chillcraft will continue to grow and be able to provide everyone with more fun content.

We will reward you for your donation with special VIP access. The level of access you get is figured out daily and it's based on how much money you donated in the past 30 days.

- Drifter

Personal Rewards

The following table lists the rewards you will gain at each level. *

Rank Amount Perks Pets
Contributor $5 USD
  • Access to snapshot server
  • Shoot Torch Arrow
  • Disguise as all mobs
  • Spider
  • Cave Spider
  • Villager
  • Witch
Supporter $10 USD
  • "Contributor" level perks
  • Access to ChillForge Server
  • Disguise as vehicles
  • Pig Zombie
  • Zombie
  • Skeleton
  • Creeper
Sponsor $15 USD
  • "Supporter" level perks
  • Hats
  • Disguise as blocks and lockblock command
  • Enderman
  • Silverfish
  • Iron Golem
  • Slime
  • Magma Cube

* NOTE: Due to the Minecraft EULA released by Mojang on August 1, 2014, VIP Rewards must be cosmetic only. ChillCraft is offering all the rewards that veteran players know and love as server wide perks; EVERYONE gets them! See below!

Server Wide Rewards

In addition to VIP Rewards, ALL players will gain the following rewards if we reach monthly goals.

Server Level Goal Perks
Orange $20 USD
  • Arrows: Forcefield, Vortex
  • Mob Catching: Pig, Sheep, Cow, Chicken, Rabbit. (Bat, Squid, Mushroom Cow, Silverfish, Slime available without any server level!)
  • Pets able to ride: Sheep, Pig, Cow, Chicken
Yellow $40 USD
  • "Orange" level perks
  • Arrows: Push, Pull, Net
  • McMMO skill activation gains 4 seconds
  • Mob Catching: Wolf, Ocelot, Villager, Skeleton, Spider, Zombie.
  • Pets: Wolf, Ocelot
Lime $60 USD
  • "Yellow" level perks
  • Portal Gun
  • More homes available
  • Mob Catching: Horse, Creeper, Pig Zombie, Endermite, Cave Spider.
  • Pets: Bat, Blaze
Aqua $80 USD
  • "Lime" level perks
  • ChillForge accessible to ALL players
  • Tppos/fly/back Commands
  • Back on death
  • Keep experience on death
  • McMMO cooldowns halved
  • Explosive Arrows
  • "Lucky" McMMO perk
  • Mob Catching: Ghast, Blaze, Witch, Enderman, Guardian, Magma Cube.
  • Pets: Mushroom Cow, Horse, Squid


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