Please support us!

We strive to continue to provide many great services, explore new ways of doing things, and add more ideas from our players to the server. Doing this requires lots of time and effort to bring new ideas into play as well as just run the server or gather new players. It also requires money to pay for renting the amazing servers we have been able to upgrade to, thanks to everyone that has supported us by becoming a VIP.

We hope that you, along with others in the community will continue to help support us if you enjoy playing here and meeting all the friendly people! What is shown below are some ways you can help, please take a little time to do so!

Donate and become a VIP

One of the most important things you can do to help the server is to donate money, which earns you a VIP package! The server is free to play, but by donating to the server you can help make sure that we continue to keep the server going, and keep developing new and fun ideas for all to enjoy!

To learn about how donations work, check out our VIP section!

Tell your friends about us

One of the easiest things you can do to help us is tell your friends about the server and how much you enjoy it. More people is what makes the game fun, and it can especially be lots of fun building, mining, or just playing games with a friend! Reach out to people by using facebook, twitter, and other social sites too! If you feel our server is really nice, please show it by telling others!

Vote for us

You can show your support by voting for this server and leaving positive comments on all the minecraft server list websites! Doing this makes the server look attractive to players looking for a new server to play, and can gain lots of interesting new people!

Here is a list of sites that we are currently listed on. Click on each logo to be taken to our server listing for that site in a new tab, and feel free to comment, vote up, diamond, etc!