Rules help keep the server friendly

We want ChillCraft to be known for its friendly atmosphere. These rules help guide all players towards that goal. We are a generally relaxed community, but there are still things that should be kept in mind so that everyone is treated with respect.

Server Rules:

  1. Do not grief, steal from, or annoy other players

    - We want players to act with respect towards eachother, staff, and player buildings and items. Be nice to eachother. Severe griefers will be banned permanently!
  2. Do not hack, cheat, or abuse the game in any way

    - Do not use any client modification that will give you unfair advantage. Do not abuse any glitches or exploits of Minecraft or ChillCraft. If you find a glitch or exploit, report it to staff quietly, do not tell anyone else, and do not use it. Consistant users of hacks, exploits, etc will be banned!
  3. Do not beg to be ranked up

    - It is okay to be curious about how staff positions work, and ask questions about it, but if you keep asking to be promoted it will probably annoy us more than anything, and make you LESS likely to be promoted. In general, players who are active, friendly, and follow the rules are the ones that are considered for staff. We promote players when we feel it is needed, so the best thing to do is stay active, be kind to others, and keep following the rules.
  4. Do not spam or misbehave in chat

    - Please do not post inappropriate websites, swear excessively, or say offensive or rude things to others. We have players from all over the world, with different opinions and experiences. Please respect these differences, even if you do not agree with an opinion. This needs to be a safe place for everyone to express themselves!
  5. Do not advertise or post the address to other servers

    - We work hard to bring you a beautiful server, full of lots of fun things to do. Advertising other servers makes it harder for us to keep all of this amazing stuff going. Players who advertise other servers will be banned!
  6. Tips

    • Ask permission from other players when needed. Do not use or edit peoples things without permission, only look.
    • Keep farms reasonably small. Players having farms with 20 animals in too close an area can start to cause lag for other players. You will be asked kindly to reduce your farm if we feel you have too many animals.
    • Please give feedback to our staff! If you think something should be changed or added, we are ready to listen to you! The player comes first on ChillCraft!

We hope these rules will help to make a fun place to hang out and make friends!