ChillCraft News

We work hard to provide players with fun content. Here we list our progress, updates, known bugs, etc. This is to help community members keep reasonably up to date with changes.

March 31, 2015

The rules plugin was implimented, now all players can go to hub and type "/rules" to see it. It also comes with a free indisposable book! ;)

In the past we have always had the stance that in the Wild Server, PvP was okay any time so long as a player doesn't do so inside someones house, or grief the house to get to them. This position on PvP seemed fine for a great while. However, Over the past week or so, PhoenixEterna and CrazyMusicLover have been advising players that it is not okay if the player asks them to stop, or a player does not agree to PvP. Although this was not the official position on PvP, it began to make more sense over the past couple of days. Because of this we have installed a new PvP plugin to the wild server. Trying to stay true to the vanilla feel, this only adds a couple of things to the gameplay:

  • Players must type "/pvp" to toggle whether they may PvP. When PvP is enabled on BOTH players involved, they may fight.
  • As soon as damage is landed, both players are "flagged" for PvP for a while, and their names turn red. During this time, neither player may exit PvP, and if they log out to avoid death they will be punished for unfair play by the death of their player and the dropping of their items.
  • If any player kills the same opponent 5 times within 2 minutes, they will be punished for (camping / PvP abuse) by being kicked from the server. This has the same effect as punishing for attempting to log out during PvP, in that the player will be killed and their items dropped. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Play Fair! :)

We have made detecting griefs in wild possible by staff, as it is in every other server. Staff now have access to all familiar /pr commands in the wild.

Our ability to detect hacked clients or unusual movement (flying, walking too fast, extra high speed of attack, etc) has greatly improved.

March 16, 2015

Numerous games have been added to the game server, including custom games such as "Rocket PvP". Thimble has been brought in from 1.7.10 as well, and is working. Efforts are being made to increase advertising, and reduce the annoyance caused by our somewhat troublesome "/rules" plugin. We are working on a custom replacement for this that will make reading the rules much simpler for new players.

March 8, 2015

The Mike Hankins MobDome has been opened! Most parts of this are in working order, and we are working on shop price fixes to allow the waves "A Trip to the 70's" and "Captain BlueGill" to be played. These two waves make prismarine shards and crystals much more readily available, which our shops arent quite ready for.

March 1st, 2015

The game server is now open to the public! Many bugs were fixed including the bug that made arrows not work in the new SkyWars game. This server is still a work in progress and will be for some time. We are slowly working to include the games you know and love from 1.7, as well as adding new ones!

The Mike Hankins BattleDome must change its name to the Mike Hankins MobDome. This is to distinguish it from a game on other popular servers, known as battledome. This is not BattleDome, the PvP game. It is the next stage of what we used to call "FightShop", a 4+ player game where you give enchant levels to summon waves. Take turns "paying" for waves with friends, and you will ultimately gain levels, McMMO Exp, and mob loot! The more players, the more fun.... and dangerous! The Mike Hankins MobDome is nearly complete and we expect to release it in a few days.