Dynamic maps are a great tool!

Have you ever wanted it to be easier to find a good home location, among all the other buildings? Maybe you would just like to have a tool to help you plan the next expansion for your base. No matter the reason, Dynamic maps are a great tool provided just for you!

What's a dynamic map?

Dynamic maps, or "DynMaps" are special web pages that show you a live view of how the server looks. This means that if you make changes to your base or home, they will be seen on the map... so long as the change is above ground.

How do i use it?

Dynamic maps allow you to drag and zoom. To drag the map, hold the left mouse button down, clicking on a part of the map, and move your mouse to view the area you want. To zoom, use the scroll wheel. If you are on a device that doesnt have scrollwheel capability, there are zoom buttons on the left.

Hovering over any location on the map will show you coordinates for that location on the left. You can also view different worlds by hovering over the thin gray bar on the right side of the map. Clicking any options under "Map Types" will select different map views for the worlds available on that server.

Clicking on any player in the menu will center the map on their location, and will follow them automatically. To disable this feature and return to normal map operation, you must click on this person again in the map menu. Clicking the small button in the upper right side of the menu will pin/unpin the menu, sllowing you to stop it from closing if you dont want it to.

What dynamic maps are available?

Dynamic maps are not available for all servers. This is because of the nature of each server. For instance, our "Wild" server is intended to be played like a pure vanilla server, so if we had live maps for this, it would defeat the point of crashing around in the woods. Dynamic maps are available for the following servers, please click each image to be taken to the corresponding map in a new page: