ChillCraft is an active and friendly minecraft community! We are proud to say that we have much to offer! We offer a taste of many types of gameplay, keeping our options diverse to reflect the fact that everyone likes something a little different!

Server Types

  • Craft

    - Lots of fun plugins including McMMO and a supply and demand based economy system with lots of shops. Events happen here too!
  • Wild

    - A true feel of vanilla. Almost no plugins, explosions do environment damage, PvP, no griefing.
  • Sandbox

    - A great place to let your creative self go! Plotme Plots and a creative world. Perfect for testing building ideas or being artsy.
  • Game (Work in progress)

    - A fun place to play games with others. Games include custom redstone games as well as those supported by plugins.

Other Key Features

  • Friendly and Active Community

    - We are proud to welcome you to our server and invite you to participate in group chat, activities, and events!
  • Responsive to Players

    - We want you to take an active role in helping define how ChillCraft looks. We often ask players their thoughts on major server changes, and are open to feedback from everyone.
  • Donate for VIP Rank

    - Many perks to unlock not only for yourself, but for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY, as well as helping us pay our server bills so that we can continue to provide lots of wonderful fun content!

This is a wonderful server for everyone, veteran and new players alike! We hope you'll find our server to be a warm and welcome home!

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