What ChillCraft is all about...

ChillCraft started humbly, as a semi-private server hosted on the owner's PC during the days of Minecraft Alpha. Interest grew in the server, and interesting people from around the world joined.

We make our own unique path

The server has always been experimental. Although we do take ideas from our players, we generally try not to look like other servers just because something becomes popular. We make our own path, and try to provide stability, relaxed atmosphere, friendliness, and many diverse ways to play the game. We want to be a server you can come to in order to relax and enjoy yourself.

Staying true to Chillspot ideals, we listen to you and offer many ways to play!

To show respect and extend our friendship to all our players, and to promote the ideals of the greater Chillspot community, we give recognition to the diverse ways our members like to play. Every person is welcomed here no matter where they are from, so long as the rules are followed and respect is shown. Players are also a big part of how we grow and develop. We have asked players their thoughts on many important server decisions, and many things that shape how our server looks came from players! Players that earn our trust are also very active in creating new content here! Suggestions from players that we have put into our servers include:

  • Resettable "End" world, for repeatable events where we fight one to three enderdragons.
  • Sandbox server, where creative mode can be played.
  • PvP worlds and arenas.
  • Wild server, where players can play in an almost completely vanilla atmosphere.
  • Special spawn area that is seperate from the build world, so that the area around it can't be edited by other players.
  • Portal gun plugin.
  • Official spawn buildings and features made by various players.
  • Various custom games such as Thimble, Rocket PvP, Hot Foot, and Payload.
  • Much more...
Please feel open and free to make suggestions, but keep in mind that not every suggestion can be put into the server, and if we DO use your suggestion, it may take time to put it to use.