Our beginning...

Hello! I am known as "Drifter", and I'm the owner of Chillspot.

ChillSpot started as a simple chat room in 2001. We were a handful of people that had some fun discussions and played a few text based games I had made. Over the next few years, I had really gotten interested in culture, and in learning from being in the diverse group that was forming. Honestly, the people in Chillspot taught me more than I could ever learn in highschool, and it has been a very fun experience!


I feel that building understanding among members of diverse groups is extremely important, and I want to share that experience with everyone in ways that are fun and allow people to meet new friends from around the world!

To do this, we have to learn together to fight hate and racism with love and respect, and ignorance with understanding, education and patience. It is by doing this that we can realize the benefits of a multicultural group, that we share common ground and can learn more about the world and about our own cultures by exploring those of others and making friends.

Please Join us

If you have read and enjoyed what i have written here, and want to meet new people and share your stories and experiences, please come meet us! Wander over to Communications and join us on irc and elsewhere!

Finally we've got to tell them something about our community, what we are, what we stand for even, and what we are doing and where we're going. "This is gonna take a while to build." -Hans (2015)

Some content about what we do is now added to the front page, maybe we can add more detail in some sort of "mission statement" page later? Concepts still "under construction". ~ Drifter