Welcome to our international community

In a nutshell, ChillSpot is a place that encourages continuing dialogue between people of many cultures and ideas, for the benefit of everyone. Because of this, please remember that the opinions of any member of the community are not the official opinions of the group.

Chillspot is an evolving community which encourages the open and respectful interaction of people from various parts of the world. Here at Chillspot, people can share their stories and experiences in ways that are fun, respectful, and help the group as a whole to learn and grow in diverse surroundings. Any topic is welcome to be discussed, so long as members discuss with respect for differing opinions, even if there is strong disagreement. We find the diversity of the group to be something fun, important, and very rewarding.

Join us, support the group, share your stories!

We realize that people will wish to share their experiences in many different ways, and at differing degrees of detail, so we strive to provide activities and situations that will allow all people to participate in this experience in ways that are fun for everyone. This is not possible without feedback and assistance from members of the group, so if you have ideas or wish to support the group, please let us know!

We hope you will find us to be a fun, warm, and welcoming home, and we hope to see you soon!